About Aqua

Aqua is a 'boutique' public relations agency. We combine experience, logic and planning with vibrancy and enthusiasm.

At Aqua, we place our clients in the public eye via the pages of consumer magazines, national and regional newspapers. When appropriate to the client, we focus on social media, blogs and television. We also carry out celebrity product placement with the brands we represent.

Campaigns large or small are planned and implemented in conjunction with the client's needs. The Aqua team provides advice and expertise on a wide range of activities such as:

  • naming new shades of make up
  • logo design and company profile
  • rebranding
  • building ecommerce and other websites
  • creation and co-ordination of newsletters and circulars
  • maintaining social media platforms.

We make sure that our client's needs are at the top of our list; we believe it is incredibly important to meet and excel the brand’s expectations.

Latest News

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